SemCAMS Wapiti Gas Processing Facility

Equinox successfully executed the FEED and Detail Design of the SemCAMS Wapiti Gas Processing Facility under budget and ahead of schedule.

As one of the many gas processing projects executed by Equinox, this project included the design and installation of a grassroots, sour gas processing facility of 200 MMscfd raw inlet gas with up to 8% H2S. It includes gas sweetening, acid gas compression / dehydration, acid gas blending scheme for existing pipeline disposal, tie-ins for acid gas deep well disposal, and a C3+ recovery facility. Liquids capacity is approximately 3,500 bpd C5+ condensate and 2,500 bpd C3+ NGL.

The process train major equipment includes HP inlet separator, LP inlet separator, inlet liquids preheater, inlet liquid separator, inlet condensate stabilization unit, inlet compression, recycle compression, vapor recovery compression, amine sweetening unit, refrigeration unit for C3+ recovery, sales gas compression, acid gas compression, and acid gas dehydration and power generation.

Ovintiv Pipestone Liquids Hub

Equinox Engineering delivered the Pipestone Liquids Hub project 10% under budget, and 2 months ahead of schedule.

This fast-tracked project accelerated the plant start-up by 2months, providing an additional 8 weeks of production revenue to the client. In addition, Equinox recommended several cost saving measures which reduce overall Total Installed Cost dramatically.

Located in Alberta, Canada, this project involved the installation of a facility designed to process and stabilize 3,498 m3/day (22,000 bpd) of sour emulsion. The emulsion contained 2,226 m3/day (14,000 bpd) of raw condensate and 1,272 m3/day (8,000 bpd) of produced water with up to 8% H2S.

Advantage Oil & Gas Glacier Processing Facility

Equinox executed the FEED, Detail Design and Construction and Commissioning of the 400 MMscfd Glacier Gas Plant Expansion, located in Alberta, Canada.

The scope expanded the facility from 260 to 400 MMscfd – primarily through the addition of a large (160 MMscfd) NGL Recovery Refrigeration Plant along with two new amine sweetening plants – each sized for 200 MMscfd.  

The process trains contain inlet slug catchers (4 x 133 MMscfd), liquids pre-heater, inlet gas filtration, amine sweetening (2 x 200 MMscfd), NGL recovery refrigeration (160 MMscfd), additional compression, and supporting utilities (heat medium heating and an additional water injection pump). 

Pembina Kakwa River Gas Processing Facility

Equinox successfully executed the FEED, Detail Design and installation and commissioning of this a large sour, deep-cut gas plant facility. Equinox met all expectations and successfully completed its scope for the gas plant design and installation. The scope included: 

  • Phase I – 50 MMscfd sweet gas plant  
  • Phase II – 200 MMscfd gas plant with deep cut (turbo-expander) liquids recovery  
  • Phase III – 200 MMscfd amine sweetening  

In Phase II, this project involves the addition of large centrifugal compression and dehydration with brownfield tie-ins to existing operation gas processing facilities. Regarding centrifugal compression, two Solar Turbines – Mars 90 units (2 x 13,220 hp) were installed and were direct coupled to the sales gas turbines totaling 26,440 hp). Power generation (21 MW) using gas turbines was also included. 

Repsol – Stanley Gas Processing and Liquids Recovery Facility

Equinox executed the FEED and Design Detail for Repsol’s Stanley Gas Processing and Liquids Recovery Facility for Talisman Niugini. The facility is to be located in a tropical rainforest in Papua New Guinea and all design work has accommodated these unique seismic conditions.

The scope includes a sweet 140 MMscfd gas plant with liquids recovery, condensate terminal, a river barge loading facility as well as pipeline facilities from the gas plant to the terminal, and terminal to loading facility.

Horizon Kiunga Condensate Facility

Equinox executed the FEED and Detail Design for the Kiunga Condensate Facility. This facility includes a floating roof condensate storage tank (75,000 bbl), two (2) centrifugal condensate loading pumps, diesel storage (750 bbl), lube oil storage, and power generation.

Santos Arcadia Gas Processing Facility

Equinox successfully executed the FEED and Detail Design of the recently constructed and commissioned Arcadia Gas Processing Facility in Queensland, Australia. 

The new 80 MMscfd facility leverages leading edge technology for environmental sensitivity including sound attenuation to all compression, low-profile ground level flare for minimal visibility, and specific attention to emission reduction / optimization.

Equinox worked closely with our client Santos to develop and follow a Standard Design / Catalogue program, reducing the overall Total Installed Cost and accelerating the schedule. Modularization and prefabrication promoted a reduced construction schedule – resulting in minimized disturbance to local stakeholders, and lowered construction costs to our client.

Obsidian Energy (PennWest) – Gliddon Oil Battery

Equinox executed the Pre-FEED, FEED and Detail Design for Obsidian Energy’s Gliddon Oil Battery. This battery project included a new 2,600 bpd inlet emulsion Oil Battery with expansion design to 5,200 bpd, 95% oil cut, 41° API oil with associated field-produced sweet solution gas. The scope included the engineering design, earthworks design and modelling, procurement and construction support for the Battery, and provisions for future water injection pump and 3rd party emulsion truck-in loading station.

Equinox also designed and constructed 18 wellpads (with 1 to 4 oil wells per pad) to feed this facility.

ConocoPhillips – Montney Wellpad 3+ Standardization Program

Equinox successfully executed full engineering services and construction support for a Montney Wellpad Development Program in British Columbia, Canada. Equinox’s scope involved developing an optimized, standard wellpad design to reduce capital cost, accelerate engineering and construction schedules, and provide our client with a templated wellpad design that can be replicated for future well pads.

With a proven track record of executing fit-for-purpose, repeatable wellpad designs, Equinox achieved a 30% reduction in the project’s originally budgeted Total Installed Cost (TIC). It is anticipated that subsequent developments through the templated wellpad design can result in 75% / 85%+ savings in hours/costs from the first pad to pad development later in the program.

Husky Energy Sunrise SAGD Wellpads

Equinox executed Phase 1 of Husky Energy’s Sustaining Well Pads Project consisting of horizontal well pairs (one steam injector and one producer) and the related well pad facilities, infield steam and emulsion pipelines and tie-ins to the Sunrise Central Processing Facility. ESP’s will be used as artificial lift for production wells. Production fluids at the well heads downstream of the choke valves will contain bitumen and produced water. The operating pressure at the well heads shall prevent water flashing. Production from each well head shall be tested at well pad.

CNRL – Kirby Flowlines

Equinox Engineering executed the FEED, Detail Design and construction of trunk pipelines and lateral pipelines to tie-in the seven (7) new SAGD pads to existing infrastructure.

The trunk pipelines system includes 24” steam (high pressure and high temperature) injection pipeline, 20” emulsion (high temperature) gathering pipeline, 12” annulus gas pipeline, and 4” fuel gas pipeline. The lateral pipelines sizes are 16” steam (high pressure and high temperature) injection pipeline and 10” emulsion (high temperature) gathering pipeline.

The project included earthworks design, as well as design of numerous road, pipeline, power and animal crossings.

Spectra Energy – South Peace Pipeline

Equinox provided complete EPCM project services for Spectra Energy’s 100 km 20″ sour gas pipeline, with major river crossings; pigging facilities; and complete SCADA design and installation. Notable design features includes producer receipt point water analyzers and a co-mingled production gas H2S & CO2 analysis system.

SemCAMS – KA Gas Processing Facility

The KA Gas Plant is an existing sour gas with a licensed capacity of 11,179 e3m3/d (397 MMscfd) of inlet gas and 1,100 tonnes/d of sulfur. Equinox executed many Management of Change (MOC) and Sustaining Capital projects such as Dump Liquids Hold Tank Upgrade, LPG Product Storage Reroute projects. Equinox also executed several plant optimization, debottlenecking, turnaround support and general maintenance engineering support projects.